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Clear Water Pools, Nantucket. Automatic/Winter Pool Covers, Sales, Installation & Service.

What Our Clients are Saying!

"Always answers phone calls, email, and texts promptly, or responds within the hour, or sooner."
- Residential pool/spa Polpis area

"Diagnoses and repairs issues promptly and is able to explain the causes and prevention's, to lessen the chances of recurring problems. Very knowledgeable on current and past products and equipment."
- Residential pool Cliff Rd.

"Had asked for a late opening. The pool water was completely black! Craig had it blue and safe for swimming in just a few days. He was able to explain to my husband and I, that the proper water analysis and correct dosage's of the right chemicals is a big part of getting it safe in the most efficient manner. We will be staying with his services from here on."
- Residential pool Friendship Ln. area

"Craig has always been punctual and responsive to all of our needs for our many different pools and hot tub adjustments and repairs"
- Commercial facility Nantucket

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